Team Communication
Increase team members' confidence to communicate effectively.

We can help your team build positive working relationships.

This programme equips your team to strengthen their communication skills in speaking and listening.

Who is this course for?

Team members who have valuable contributions to make but are hampered in reaching their potential, such as staff who:

  • have English as a second language 
  • are not confident to contribute their ideas
  • lack assertiveness
  • struggle to put their thoughts into words
  • lack the vocabulary to express themselves well.

Benefits to your organisation


  • misunderstandings
  • rework
  • waste.



  • confidence
  • understanding of instructions
  • workplace productivity
  • leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes

Your staff will gain confidence to engage in communication within the workplace.

Course Content

Delivery options

In-house option:

Programmes developed for your organisation; delivered on site at your workplace.

40 hours coaching per eligible staff member; 2-4 hours coaching per week.

Contact us today - limited places available for 2016.

Entry Requirements

Participants must be paid staff who are either NZ citizens or permanent residents.  

Funding Options

This is a government funded initiative providing 40 hours of workplace literacy coaching for staff who are either NZ citizens or permanent residents.

Upcoming Courses

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