Customised Professional Development

Leadership Development New Zealand’s speciality is working with organisations to develop performance enhancing solutions – training, mentoring, coaching at all levels.

The Topics

Getting to Grips with Leadership

Effective Communication

Working with Diversity

Building Great Teams

Managing Performance

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Learning on the Job

Influential Leadership

The Art of Interviewing 

The Process

At Leadership Development we work with New Zealand organisations of all sizes and in many different industries, helping them to develop their people and influence business outcomes that are improved and more sustainable.

Some of the benefits that our clients have obtained through our programmes include:

  • increased employee productivity, engagement and results
  • improved communication, work relationships and results
  • growth in teams, greater understanding and effectiveness in working together in the achievement of business outcomes
  • greater leadership capacity, initiative, proactiveness and confidence of employees
  • better focused, integrated and sustainable organisations.